Deap Vally - Sistrionix

Every home should keep a spot warm for good old fashioned bass heavy, foot stomping, swamp blues - but not many will fill that gap with this this debut offering from much hyped Californian duo Deap Vally. It kicks off well enough with the genuinely thrilling, thumping opener 'End Of The World' bouncing forcefully around your chest cavity but then it’s more (and yet more) of the same with none of the light, shade and subtlety that set the best garage rock bands apart from the ever growing field.

Deap Vally are so deeply in awe of The White Stripes that this can't to be anything more than a mildly diverting distraction. Perhaps they will find their own voice by the time album number two comes around but, for now, Sistrinox is a disappointingly one-paced album that fails to deliver on the unduly high expectations landed on their shoulders.



out of 10

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