Darren Hayman - The Ship's Piano

Written during a period where Darren Hayman was suffering the after-effects of a fractured skull, and thus a little sensitive to noise, The Ship’s Piano is a relatively quiet and peaceful collection of songs. Putting together music on a small, old piano that was originally used on a boat (hence the album title), most of the tracks on offer move at a steady pace, combining starry keys and soft percussive work with Hayman’s innocent vocals.

He talks of the creation of the album as coming out of a “direct therapeutic need”, and there is certainly something quite comforting about this collection, as though you can feel the pain being exorcised as songs like ‘It’s Easy To Hang With You’ wrap you up in a quilt of swirling ambience and vocal harmonies. ‘Take A Breather’ is a sweet and delicate little piece, just simple piano melodies and playful synth sounds that make you want to do exactly as the song says. The Ship’s Piano is surely one of the most beautiful and enjoyable albums the former Hefner frontman has produced in the last few years, coming at a time when he has been creatively busier than ever.



out of 10
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