Dan Sartain - Legacy Of Hospitality

Appearing as part companion piece to 2010’s Dan Sartain Lives, this is a collection of oddities, lost songs and alternative takes that should find a welcome home for any lover of the man or even just good old fashioned rock and roll. There are wonderfully ramshackle versions of songs from the aforesaid album, with ‘Atheist Funeral’ being a prime example as its down and dirty, bass heavy pounding improves on what was already an excellent song. As well as the newer songs, we are treated to rarely heard songs from the Sartain tape archive such as a traditional rock ‘n’ roll take on the glam classic ‘Telegram Sam’ and the lo-fi blues brilliance of ‘Box Cutter In My Boot’. With any album of this nature there are bound to be some down points, with the bonkers ‘Crimson Guard’ and Mexican-tinged ‘Besame Mucho’ being particularly out of kilter with the rest, but these can be easily forgiven as Legacy Of Hospitality gives a cracking insight into the mind and work of a true maverick.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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