Crystal Fighters - Star Of Love (Deluxe Edition)

When released back in 2010, Crystal Fighters's debut album Star Of Love was an assured and solid debut, blending Spanish sounds with enormous beats and euphoric synthesizers. Inspired in part by member Laure Stockley’s grandfather’s unfinished opera, there was something cosmic and psychedelic about the band's summery tracks. This reissue brings together the original album with some acoustic versions and while they may be interesting takes on their material, they are far from essential. What made Star Of Love so much fun was the fact that the Mediterranean melodies were melded and expanded so brilliantly by thumping beats, a characteristic that’s sorely missing on the stripped-down version of ‘Follow’. ‘Champion Sound’ too suffers from a lack of electronic back-up, the bubbling and spacey sounds nowhere to be found. As is the case with many reissues, this should be one for completists only.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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