Cornershop - Cornershop & The Double ‘O’ Groove Of

Leicester band Cornershop return to us with Cornershop & The Double ‘O’ Groove Of, a collaboration between the band and vocalist Bubbley Kaur who Tjinder Singh had met a few years previously. The result is a sweet collection of songs with Kaur's girlish, untrained voice set against a fairly safe background of innocuous dance melodies and beats. Some fans will miss Singh's warm vocals and may find the the sameness of the tunes off-putting after a while. The funky 'United Provinces Of India' and 'The 911 Curry' work well, whereas 'Double Decker Eyelashes' and 'The Biro Pen' struggle to find coherence between the two styles. Collaborations like this though are always worthwhile and brave, especially in such an unforgiving musical climate. Cornershop & The Double ‘O’ Groove Of is pleasant enough in small doses, but a bit much to take all at once.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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