Contemporary Noise Sextet - Ghostwriter's Joke

Ghostwriter’s Joke is the fifth album from Polish experimental jazz-rock group Contemporary Noise Sextet. With members rooted in post-hardcore bands, it would probably be right to expect quite an interesting take on this kind of music, yet opening number ‘Walk With Marylin’ leans a little too much on the side of lounge-jazz meandering. Persevere however, and there is still much to take from this and enjoy. ‘Morning Ballet’ is a little more fast-paced, introducing off-kilter guitars and the odd droning screech to the impressive brass section, while ‘Chasing Rita’ puts the spotlight on the incredibly tight rhythm section, with its frantic percussion and spot-on bass lines. Despite this impeccable musicianship however, some of the tracks do tend to wander at times, a pitfall that seems to be common with jazz played in a rock set-up. While Ghostwriter’s Joke is by no means a bad record, the listener might find themselves drifting off after a while.



out of 10
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