Connan Mockasin - Forever Dolphin Love

We warmed to Connan Mockasin's debut when originally released last year, though we noted it wasn't for everyone. Here it is again, re-released and repackaged with its original title (intriguing but off-putting for some?) replaced by something altogether less freaky. Time has done nothing but reinforce our original take on its unique blend of warm other-worldly psychedelia and crazed songs that drag you down the rabbit hole. It remains a daunting prospect but for those willing to crack open the shutters, Mockasin will lead you down corridors of dark magic and unfathomable mysteries. The likes of 'Megumi The Milky Way' and 'It's Choade My Dear' abandon not just song structure but, at times, the English language too. If you can, see him live where, as he demonstrated so ably last year as support to Crowded House, his engaging stage presence somehow makes it all start to make sense. On that very note, Forever Dolphin Love comes packaged with a live EP to sweeten the deal and gives indication of what to expect when he supports Warpaint on their UK tour in May.



out of 10
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