Civil Civic - Rules

Aaron Cupples and Ben Green don’t need a front man, why the hell would they? Civil Civic have ‘The Box’, a drum machine/light show hybrid designed to keep the crowd entertained while the rest of the band do all the work (just like a real front man). Civil Civic do away with vocals to make way for a stronger focus of sonic experimentation. This is nothing to fear as Rules, their debut full length, is nothing short of phenomenal. Rules is a synthesis of juxtaposed sub-genres, a Frankenstein monster raised on math-rock, post-punk, prog, house and electronica, equalling one of the most assured, creative and intelligent records this year.

Civil Civic to this day remain independent, instead opting to raise capital the hard way. For a record that sounds as polished as this to have been recorded by two people, internationally, simply sharing demos is remarkable. As musicians, the duo have created a nostalgic nod to the guitar work of The Cure’s Disintegration and Joy Division; but imagine if those respective bands had listened to Battles and not The Beatles growing up. The fear this band ignites is the thought that one day, they will have to sign to a proper label.



out of 10
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