Circa Waves - Young Chasers

Lately it seems that for any young indie band to score top marks in a review, they have to either be a musical melange or lyrical geniuses. To simply write some decent songs is no longer enough. With the Brit Pop heyday almost at the point of being a hazy parental memory, most bands they will have to make do with a three star review because they don't 'reinvent the wheel' or fuse their Madchester beats with acid-jazz. Is writing a catchy song and enjoying yourselves such a crime? And if said band then refuse to update their sound, it's one or two star ratings and constant reminders how great their debut was. The Vaccines, Wombats, The Pigeon Detectives - look upon these names Catfish and the Bottlemen and understand your future.

Circa Waves' Young Chasers may turn out to be one of trad. indie's albums of the year. It is the sound of four lads writing the best songs they can and delivering them with a passion that fires on all cylinders. There may be the odd misfire, the lyrics are sometimes clumsy and they lack the wit that you might expect from their Merseyside roots but what they do have in spades is fun-packed, energising, instantly accessible tunes like 'T Shirt Weather', 'Fossils' and 'Get Away'. If the bubble bursts, both they - and we - have had a whale of a time while it lasted. No need for a jazz odyssey, chaps - just more of the same please.


'Young Chasers' will not inspire a generation, but it is a great album of short indie-pop songs.


out of 10
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