Christopher Eatough - A Creak In The Cold

A Creak In The Cold, debut album from Manchester singer-songwriter Christopher Eatough, is a truly impressive collection of sad, mournful, brooding ballads sung in Eatough's plaintive tenor. Warning: if you are feeling even slightly under the weather or the teeniest bit depressed then maybe give this a miss for now. The songs are sad - very sad. 'Shades Of Blue' is positively upbeat compared to the rest of the album, Eatough's brooding voice waltzing with a lonely violin. The menacing 'A Circus Affair' and 'A Devil's Report ("In this dream I'm falling in my father's grave") continue with the rather melancholy fare. Yet Eatough's lovely voice and the pretty melodies augmented with strings and discreet percussion are wonderful to listen to, and a little self-indulgent wallowing can do wonders for the soul, especially if it sounds as good as this.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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