Chris Cornell - Songbook

What can you say about a man like Chris Cornell? Is he even human? In the flesh he is unbearably good looking, affable and down to earth. Then he opens his mouth and that voice comes out, reaching notes high and low that are usually impossible for even the most accomplished singers. Yet years of abuse and stretching his vocal chords to their limits seem not to have affected its power. Listening to this collection, recorded during Cornell's tour last spring, the voice is still as remarkable as it ever was during his Soundgarden years.

Songbook is drawn from Cornell's entire career, with just Cornell and his acoustic guitar. Highlights (of which there are many) include the Temple Of The Dog classic 'Call Me A Dog' (this stripped down version perhaps even more beautiful than the original), and the dreamy rendition of Soundgarden's 'Black Hole Sun'. For Cornell fans old and new, this wonderful collection makes an ideal stocking-filler.



out of 10
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