Chelsea Light Moving

Chelsea Light Moving, Thurston Sonic Youth Moore's latest 'solo' project seems to be a far cry from his glory days. Accompanied by his long term collaborator Samara Lubelski on bass, Keith Wood on guitar and John Moloney on drums, this self-titled effort mixes swathes of distortion with surf rock guitars but rarely manages to achieve lift off.

The album follows the same basic sound, with the tracks filled with distortion and overdrive on the guitars, and while the drums take an absolute pounding, Moore’s measured vocals sometimes jar. Only two tracks positively stand out: ‘Sleeping Where I Fall’ begins with the familiar surf rock atmospheres before morphing into a heavy, distortion-filled orgy, and the creepy ‘Mohawk’ which nevertheless overstays its welcome as it heads off towards the seven minute mark - an issue for much of the material here. Apparently, the album was birthed during two “spurious” recording sessions, which begs the question - might this particular Chelsea bun have benefited from a little longer in the oven?



out of 10

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