Charlotte Gainsbourg - Terrible Angels

Indie icons don't often come with more credentials than Charlotte Gainsbourg. Last year, the spawn of Serge released an album co-written by Beck fresh after shocking the Cannes film festival as a possessed woman who cut off her lady-parts in controversial art-horror flick, Antichrist. Gainsbourg continues to occupy the twin spheres of cinema and music, although new EP Terrible Angels is but a taster of a fully-fledged double-album of material to come.

As a mere taster though, it more than fills a gap thanks to the title track, an irresistably sexy electro-glam stomp that casts Charlotte as a coquettish chanteuse in the Alison Goldfrapp mode. As she sings "I want release from absolution", the listener hopes to remain ensnared. It's accompanied by another original track, the acoustic ballad 'Memoir'; written by Villagers' Conor O'Brien, it's a direct folksy U-turn and boasts an English variant on Nico's distinct vocals. The remaining two tracks are live cuts, the title track from last year's IRM album and a cover of Bob Dylan's 'Just Like a Woman', again demonstrating Gainsbourg's contrasting electronic and acoustic explorations. Hear more when Stage Whisper is released in November.



out of 10

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