Cerebral Ballzy

Much as the fashion industry remains opaque to us mere mortals (who decides blue is 'in' this year?), it seems strange that an act like Cerebral Ballzy have managed to pick up some reviews in the monthlies when the genre is generally ignored, Clash boxsets excepted. Cynics might point to CB's multi-racial line-up because it's certainly nothing to do with the music, which is unabashed East Coast US hardcore of the early Beastie Boys school. They've even pulled in Raymond Pettibon to do the artwork, so the gaze is defiantly backwards with no acknowledgement of anything post circa-1982. Those in need of deep analyses of the current socio-political climate will do well to digest the likes of 'Puke Song', 'SK8 All Day' and 'Cutting Class'. It's youth writ inarticulate and, as we've just been told, it's a veritable sickness.



out of 10
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