Cave - Neverendless

Think of all the words you’d use to describe classic Krautrock bands like Neu!, and that’s basically the review in the bag for Cave's latest full-length Neverendless: "Chock full of motorik rhythms, tight and repetitive bass lines alongside refined and never overbearing riffs!" There, you can cut 'n' paste that for the next press release.

Despite the title, in amongst the droning guitars there’s a definite goal in sight. What that goal is however isn’t really the important thing, it’s how they get there. The light low-end that starts ‘This Is The Best’, alongside the gradually evolving drum patterns and morphing synthesizers show a band that are on a mission to lock into each other’s groove till they become one flowing whole. Closing track ‘OJ’ is taken over by keyboards, as a myriad of bleeps and frantic whirrs go off, creating something that you can almost dance to. There may be a glut of bands playing this kind of repetitive psychedelia, but Cave do a damn good job of it.



out of 10
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