Captain Wilberforce - Ghost Written Confessions

The latest album from these Leeds pop rockers is a real mixed bag of lyrically smart tunes that are often let down by some ropey arrangements with the terrible 80s retro pop of ‘Get Hurt’ being easily the worst culprit. Before we get to that though, there is a trio of ditties that, had Radiohead released them, would be lauded as the works of geniuses but sadly are more likely to be written off as mere copycats and that would be a real shame considering just how good they are. The real diamonds though are the mid-album double act of the marvellously melancholic ‘Baby Girl’ which gives way to a beautifully harmonised acapella intro to the rather fine rumbling rocker ‘Los Angeles’ that surely points to the direction that this band should be headed.



out of 10
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