CANT - Dreams Come True

Chris Taylor's decision to name his new solo project CANT might be considered a direct affront to his 'can do' attitude. As well as being one quarter of critically acclaimed Brooklyn band Grizzly Bear, the multi-instrumentalist and producer has made notable contributions to albums by Jamie Lidell, TV on the Radio and Dirty Projectors. CANT, a collaboration with cult act Twin Shadow, sees Taylor taking centre stage and fronting ten cuts of cool and slinky electro-infused pop.

Dreams Come True is similar in scope to the recent Blood Orange record, one which Taylor also had a hand in, and benefits from atmospheric interludes in the music wherein organic instrumentation provides a contrast to the electronic production. While brevity is not something that is practiced often enough these days, the album does feel a little sketchy and could have done with perhaps one or two more killer songs to fill it out. Certainly worth a listen and alt. hipsters are sure to love it, but this will be a passing distraction for most Grizzly Bear fans.



out of 10

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