BYOB - Everything In Moderation

South London’s Ashley Hamilton (aka BYOB) has been moving in exalted circles of late, apparently Lady Gaga walks onto stage to his annoyingly catchy ‘Best Shoes’, but anyone then grabbing his debut on the basis of that is likely to be sorely disappointed. Everything in Moderation has some high points, such as the fantastic ‘Save My Life’ which is reminiscent of D&B/rock crossover faves Pendulum and the supremely chilled out ‘Sunshine Highway’. Sadly, that is as good as it gets as the rest of the album is loaded with irritating lyrics laced with pointless swearing and decidedly dodgy rapping - the childish ‘Out To Play’ being a particularly bad example. By far the worst crime, however, is an absolutely risible, out of tune, cover of The Stranglers' ‘Peaches’ that is barely listenable. Hamilton obviously has some talent but signs of it are sadly in short supply on this very disappointing offering.



out of 10
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