Byetone - Symeta

Repetition is king on the new album from Byetone, the moniker of electronic experimenter and Raster-Noton label co-founder Olaf Bender. Symeta deals in intense rhythmic patterns and searing, industrial synth sounds that reflect his live sets more than anything and leave the listener powerless to the hypnotic power of his beats.

The seamless morphing from opening track ‘Topas’ to the resounding bass throb of ‘T-E-L-E-G-R-A-M-M’ shows Byetone at his very best, as simple robotic loops fall in and out of the track. Eschewing pummelling percussion on ‘Neuschnee’, he instead opts for a sheet of synthetic, fuzzy ambience akin to Tim Hecker, while the heart-beat of the track slowly gets quicker before abruptly dropping out. The noise is ramped up on the brilliant ‘Helix’, with chaotic distortion and hazy, glitch-ridden feedback fight for space over simple yet strong rhythms. Symeta is evidence that repetition is enrapturing.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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