Butcher Boy - Helping Hands

Helping Hands is the third full-length offering from Scottish seven-piece Butcher Boy, and it’s an eloquently delivered and quite charming piece of work.

This is at its heart simply a well-arranged, lush sounding collection of lovelorn indie-pop, sung by the distinctive and smooth Glaswegian tones of John Blain Hunt. Recent single ‘Imperial’ is a bouncy, early highlight with its strings and harmonies that skip around each other, while the folk-rock acoustics of ‘Parliament Hill’ are punctuated by stabs of piano. The dark, almost new-wave, melodrama of ‘Whistle And I’ll Come To You’ shows the band have far more up their sleeve, followed by the sturdy guitar lines of the similarly moody ‘Russian Dolls’. In Helping Hands, Butcher Boy have crafted a fine body of songs that shows off their dab hand when it comes to engaging indie-pop.



out of 10
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