Brian Robertson - Diamonds And Dirt

Former Thin Lizzy and Motörhead guitarist Brian Robertson's debut solo album, Diamonds And Dirt, isn't without its charms as there's something inherently joyful about Robertson's swaggering old school rock style, but with a running time pushing close to an hour, the main issue is that proceedings get fairly monotonous as there's a distinct lack of variety on display. One simple solution would be to have discarded the covers of Thin Lizzy's 'It's Only Money' and 'Running Back', the latter of which is covered twice, as there's really nothing about them that would make you reach for those first instead of the originals. It's especially disappointing as it's the new material that makes the album sparkle. The likes of 'Texas Wind' and 'Do It Till We Drop (Drop It!)' contain some excellent riffage that would inspire some serious air guitar action in even the most stoic of individuals. If the covers were out of the picture, Diamonds And Dirt would have ended up being a more enjoyable whole; instead we're left with an intermittently entertaining debut that's probably best listened to in bite-sized chunks.



out of 10
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