Brave Irene

The eponymously titled debut album from Vancouver British Columbia band Brave Irene is like a bag full of really sweet candy. A few is alright, but after a while your teeth start to ache. The lovely harmonies of the two female lead vocalists is reminiscent of The Sundays or The Primitives, just without the killer tunes. Songs like 'No Fun', 'Longest Day' and 'Hit The Grass Running' are all a bit samey and nothing really jumps out at you while the languid 'Bank Holiday' is pretty enough but stalls the momentum a bit. The 60s flavoured 'Good Ideas' and final song 'Campfire' work well showing that there is hope for this band if they can only get away from their comfort zone a bit more. Brave Irene need to take more chances.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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