Boards Of Canada - Tomorrow's Harvest

It has been seven long years since we've been treated to any new Boards Of Canada, and it is always difficult for any band to come back with an album that is going to even come close to the ramped-up expectations that such a long gap inevitably grow. But Tomorrow's Harvest does exactly that, delivering an hour of perfectly chilled electronic meditation, a sound so recognisably Boards Of Canada that it is like welcoming home a long lost friend.

The album as a complete piece is a careful balancing act, seventeen distinct ideas explored and extrapolated yet all sewn together into a cohesive story. Like a soundtrack to a film in your head, Tomorrow's Harvest is as vivid and cerebral as Boards Of Canada have ever been. Some scenes do stick out more than others, the likes of lead single 'Reach For The Dead' and 'Split Your Infinities' delighting the ears with their rich melodies and delicate layers. Forget everything else, this is the perfect album for those lazy summer days to come.



out of 10

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