Bloodiest - Descent

Bloodiest's debut album Descent is an intriguing beast. Featuring members of Yakuza, 90 Day Men and Sweep The Leg Johnny, it manages to combine the heavy virtuosity of the former with the alt-rock experimentalism of the latter two, resulting in something that’s really quite good. The mantra-like opening track ‘Fallen’ starts with Eastern-tinged riffs and chanting, monotone vocals that recalls Om at times before eerily segueing into the picked melodies and distant, ambient voices of ‘Coh’ and then the piano-tinged drama of ‘Pastures’. The high point of the album however comes on the two longest tracks, with the 11-minute ‘Dead Inside’ showing off the band's Neurosis-like percussive skills and an adept hand with ominous, foreboding guitar riffs and tortured screams that make something pretty terrifying at times. ‘Slave Rule’ does much the same, building slowly and quietly through spacey acoustics and echoed voices before arriving in a place altogether more blackened and dense. With the band's previous pedigree, this was always going to be something interesting, but what they’ve pulled out is an album of uncompromising and, at times, disturbing beauty.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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