Blood Ceremony - Living With The Ancients

What do you get if you cross Black Sabbath with Fairport Convention? Blood Ceremony. Having somehow missed out on their self-titled debut, second album Living With The Ancients has got me bouncing around with more excitement than a kid who has just found out they are going to Disney World. This is a wickedly delicious mix of thunderous, doom-laden riffs and haunting, hypnotic vocals delivered by a dangerously alluring siren. Steeped in enough witchcraft lore to drive Matthew Hopkins apoplectic coupled with a healthy dose of ye olde horror drama, Blood Ceremony create an alternative soundtrack to Tigon's best – you can just picture Angel Blake singing opener 'The Great God Pan' or the devilishly good 'My Demon Brother'. The trippy mix of early metal, flighty flutes and swirling organs reaches perfection for the final ‘Daughter Of The Sun’, a dizzying ten minute blast through a gorgeous hallucinogenic dreamland; from the quiet folky interludes through the galloping mid section right to the final climax, the chanting of the chorus will ring out like a wonderfully cacophonous ritual.



out of 10
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