Blackfield - Welcome To My DNA

English workaholic Steven Wilson and Israeli pop superstar Aviv Geffen return for their third outing under the moniker Blackfield with the decidedly lacklustre Welcome To My DNA. Gone is the gritty edge and moody shifts from the eponymous debut, now replaced by the glossy forced smile of show tunes pop that occupies a territory of bland comfort and lazy conformity. Like many of their new label-mates, Blackfield play it safe by churning out nine tracks of flat, experiment and emotion free dullness; even the expletive-laden ‘Go To Hell’ has the bite of a dead worm. The sole exception is the staggeringly good ‘Blood’ buried away in the middle of the album, the sounds of the Middle East weaving majestically around the one instance where Wilson’s signature guitar sound emerges; but all too quickly the revelation is gone and a return to mediocrity beckons.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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