Black Star Riders - All Hell Breaks Loose

If there's a problem with this debut from Black Star Riders it's that is sounds exactly like Thin Lizzy - which hardly surprising given the fact that the band have been touring for quite some time under the Lizzy banner. Although they've jettisoned the name the songwriting and performance style remains exactly the same; so much so in places, that lead single ‘Bound For Glory’ could easily be mistaken for a lost studio recording from the classic Phil Lynott-era line up.

If you can get past the sense of deja vu there is much too enjoy here: out and out rockers, a few anthems, and some lighters-in-the-air ballads thrown in for good measure - all making for a rocking good time. Things are tied up by the best song on the whole album: the epic 'Blues Ain’t So Bad, a tune that would justify the entire purchase in its own right. Although the niggling thought remains that this is nothing more (or less) thanThin Lizzy-lite, When Hell Breaks Loose is nevertheless a solid collection of rock anthems that makes for a dependable, if not particularly original, listen.



out of 10

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