Black Cobra - Invernal

San Francisco power duo Black Cobra are back with fourth full length Invernal, another dose of unashamed worship at the altar of the riff. Sounding like they've been transplanted from the Palm Desert to further south, the band settle into a plethora of thunderous stoner grooves that fly along at breakneck speed. The guitar tone is appropriately crushing: a huge wall of sound that all but drowns out the drums beneath as it rolls out of the speakers like a black wave of doom.

The opening 'Avalanche' is exactly that, and leaves no doubt as to both the quality and direction Black Cobra are racing in. But as good as Invernal is, and consistently so, it does lack a special spark or piece of individual magic that separates it from the multitude of offspring fathered by Kyuss et al. Listening to this, Black Cobra would be one of the better support acts you could see, but aren't quite headline material. Not yet.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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