Belle Stars - 80s Romance: the Complete Belle Stars

They say you only need one genuine hit (especially a radio hit) to set you up for life. Belle Stars had three back in the 80s, touring with heavyweights like The Clash, Madness and The Police along the way, and while no-one is going to overestimate their legacy, this comprehensive round up of their entire catalogue is a solid reminder of their brief moment in the sun. Everyone of a certain age will remember their cover versions of 'Iko, Iko' and 'The Clapping Song', but their own hit, 'Sign of the Times' with its de rigueur spoken word section, is still a shoe-in on any worthwhile 80s compilation. Salvo throw in their usual raft of extras on the two-disc set (video material, b-sides, 12" remixes) so fans of the band - and the era - will be well satisfied with this unexpected, but welcome, reminder of their charms.



out of 10
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