Bardo Pond / Carlton Melton - Fallen / Slow Growth

If you’re at all familiar with psychedelic and experimental rock, then Bardo Pond should be no strangers. This split with the relatively new Carlton Melton is exactly as you’d expect from these two titans of hypnotic drone, with each side dedicated to a twenty-minute long piece by each of the acts.

Bardo Pond’s side drifts through bass-laden repetition, guitar feedback and loose drums, before Isobel sweeps in with exotic flute sounds and her distant, ghost-like chanting that feels as though she’s back there haunting the entire track. Carlton Melton’s side is a far more brooding and ambient piece, with only the faintest of percussion seeping through, swamped by layer upon layer of melodious fuzz and a bass throb that recalls early-Jesu at certain points. The entire track seems to cave in on itself at the mid-point before rising again like some lumbering beast awaking from its slumber. If psychedelic rock is your thing, then this may well be your favourite release this year.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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