Babe - The Hereaftergo'ers EP

The music from The Hereaftergo'ers EP, second release from multi-national (English, Scottish, Belgian and French) electro-pop outfit Babe has been described as a kaleidoscope, and it's as multi-faceted as the band themselves. The music shimmers, the voices weave themselves in and out and tracks like the lovely title track and 'The Warbling' should please Wild Beasts fans and connoisseurs of sumptuous harmonies and intricate melodies. The other two tracks 'Mikey's Making Films' and 'Kept Up' are also fine examples of the band's glittering musicianship. All in all a lovely little glimpse into their world.


Kaleidoscopic electro pop.


out of 10
Tags Babe
Category Quick Fix

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