Axxonn - Let's Get It Straight

It’s a sad fact that too many bands classing themselves as “noise” or some such other meaningless nonsense these days lack much of a creative spark, instead churning out a plethora of albums in the Merzbow, Nurse With Wound, or Throbbing Gristle mould; thankfully Axxonn does not walk down this well-trodden path. Debut Let’s Get It Straight definitely has elements of this holy trinity buried within, yet it also draws upon so many more in an album that is as varied and as complex a listen as you can hope for. Opener ‘Slave Driver’ breaks us in gently as the synths swell like an Escher staircase, in direct contrast to the gloom of ‘Frosties 2L’ with the guitars crashing all around in the aural equivalent of the apocalypse. And it is this dichotomy throughout that keeps Let’s Get It Straight fresh, the acoustic-led ‘Golfini’ sitting comfortably alongside the massively processed beats of ‘Choc Milk Addiction’ without sounding forced or unwieldy> The distinctive and careful manner in which every song is constructed, no matter what disparate influences are enclosed, keeps the album together as a whole making it a pleasure listen to from beginning to end.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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