Awolnation - Burn It Down EP

The cover of Burn It Down gives the impression that Awolnation will be some kind of space-infused rock monsters and on the title track of this EP they do their damnedest to prove that assumption correct. From the initial drum rolls to the bouncy keyboard parts and shouty vocals, ‘Burn It Down’ is a full on dance rock blast worthy of The Prodigy. Then things get a bit weird: ‘Guilty Filthy Souls’ opens well enough with some bass-heavy synth but soon descends into an 80s style AOR rock monstrosity; 'Sail' continues in much the same vein and the horrible thought hits you that this is Foreigner gone electro. EEK! Amazingly they manage to recover things with ‘MF’, a profanity-led stomp reminiscent of KMFDM. After an enjoyable remix of the title track you are left with the feeling that here is a band with the skills and energy to hit it big with their brand electro/rock/dance, they just need to ditch the big haircut epics.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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