Avril Lavigne - Goodbye Lullaby

Avril Lavigne's fourth studio album is instantly familiar to anyone who has heard any of her previous output - teen angst-driven pop with rough guitars, and the whole 'sk8ter boi' vibe. If we were in the early noughties, this would be a perfectly produced album. Lead single 'What the Hell' is decent enough with its guitar riffs and catchy lyrics but the complete lack of invention throughout means that everything else just seems like an extension of what comes before. This certainly aids consistency but leads to a rather disappointing whole. Occasionally, Lavinge will throw in a curveball: the deliciously sharp and uncouth 'Smile' appeals to the inner tearaway with more than its fair share of expletives. But what we're left with in Goodbye Lullaby is a clear signal that Lavigne really needs to move on. It's easy to forget when listening, but she's 26 now with a marriage behind her. We can't shake the feeling that maybe she needs to grow up a little - at least musically.



out of 10
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