Autopsy - All Tomorrow's Funerals

Since its timely resurrection, the gruesome beast that is Autopsy is showing no signs of curbing the bloodletting orgy. All Tomorrow's Funerals captures the band's EPs, from 1990's Retribution For The Dead right through to The Tomb Within which heralded their glorious return from the dead. To round out this mammoth assault to the senses of 22 disturbing tracks, we are also treated to three brand new tunes and a meaty re-recording of the classic 'Mauled To Death', which at long last receives the recording quality it deserves.

The new material very much continues where last year's Macabre Eternal left off, deliciously heavy and bone-crushingly brutal, this is exemplary gory death metal as done by true forefathers of the genre; time has not dulled their craftsmanship, merely honed and refined its excellence. As we dive further back in time, the assurance is replaced with a rawness and youthful exuberance. Which you prefer is very much a personal choice, but the fact remains Autopsy remain a ferocious act. Whilst All Tomorrow's Funerals may not quite be a best-of, it is certainly a fine introduction to Autopsy down the ages.



out of 10

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