Asobi Seksu - Fluorescence

Asobi Seksu is translated as “playful sex” and there’s definitely something playful about the band's fourth full-length Fluorescence. Yet it’s a playfulness in a sense that the band likes to throw the listener about a bit for the first half of the record, with opening track ‘Coming Up’ being a frantic blur of drums and guitar noise aided by the sweet vocals of Yuki Chikudate. Her vocals in fact are one of the highlights of the album, being stretched to their most brilliant on ‘Trails’ and adding eerie, detached sounds to ‘Leave The Drummer Out There’. For the most part though, this album is a slightly twee trip through shoegazing pop and doesn’t really reinvent the wheel a whole lot. Some of the synth sounds are annoyingly cheesy at times and, towards the end of the album, it does start to seem there is a couple songs too many. Unfortunately this does blight some of the earlier highlights making what could have been an exciting nine-track album, turn into a twelve track chore.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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