As Lions - Aftermath EP

Emerging from the remains of Rise To Remain, the UK's own As Lions have built up a steady following over the last 18 months without so much as an album to their name. Having a healthy stage slot on a big stage at this year's Download festival helped solidify their sound, and has now come to unleash a 4-track EP, Aftermath.

Straight out the gate, the sound is a step change from anything Rise To Remain released: that band had little similarity to As Lions and are all the better for it. Melody is massive when mixed with growled vocals, a feat lead singer Austin pulls off easily and frequently, with opening tracks 'Aftermath' and 'White Flags' showing this in spades. The band behind Austin are locked in tight, dual guitars complement each other sufficiently with drums powerfully clear in the mix; each instrument: guitar, bass – and vocals – having their place. A surprising aspect for such a young band is the inclusion of a piano at the start of closing track 'World On Fire', a relevant song about the state of the world today.

There is something to be said for expansive touring these days, it will be good for As Lions to tour this material into the ground before unleashing it on an unexpected crowd. In turn, this will help develop their sound and will only make these songs expand their repertoire. Aftermath is a definitive sonic assault on the senses, and As Lions are ones to watch for the future.

As Lions are tour the U.S. with Five Finger Death Punch starting on 18 October.


A sonically diverse short sharp shock of an EP from a young band at the beginning of their careers. Touring this material will help solidify their sound, and bring fans of melodic metal to the cult of As Lions.



out of 10

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