Arthur Beatrice - Keeping The Peace

2014’s debut from Arthur Beatrice was a well received slice of sparse dance pop. In the two years since the foursome have pruned their lineup and are now a trio, and have broadened their ambitions somewhat. Sounds progressive, but the truth is that the highlights are sparse on Keeping The Peace. Much has been made of the addition of the London Contemporary Orchestra, and they add a huge amount to the band's core sound. 'Healing’ is a superb mix of their rousing strings and the clarity of voice provided by Ella Girardot, now running solo on vocals.

Lead single 'Real Life’ is a beautiful thing, but the London trio too often stray close to the well worn footsteps of London Grammar. While Girardot’s wonderful voice leading the way brings many benefits, there’s less diversity as a consequence. For every track where the band soar, such as the barnstorming ‘Every Cell’ and breakneck ‘Brother’, there are as many where they fade. It’s a definite growth from their debut and the orchestral accompaniment adds immeasurably to the whole, but it’s lacking something. Only a small indefinable something mind.


Solid second album, enhanced by a sprinkling of the London Symphony Orchestra.


out of 10

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