Årabrot - Solar Anus

Getting past the absurdly brilliant album title, Årabrot's fourth full-length Solar Anus is as disgustingly down-tuned and heavy an album as you’d expect from these Norwegian noise-rock kings.

This time around, the band have enlisted the services of legendary knob-twiddler and all round grump Steve Albini and, as such, their piercing riffs and percussive attack are as clear as ever. Dispensing with a lot of the dense fuzz that characterised their previous records, their sound bears more than a passing resemblance to The Melvins, which can be no bad thing. However as a whole, this album just doesn’t sound as disgusting and in your face as its predecessor, with tracks like ‘Nubile’ and ‘Odine’ sounding a little flat. No doubt these songs will be as aggressive as ever when played live but, on record, Solar Anus does seem to be lacking somewhat.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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