Antlered Man - Buddhist Soup (Giftes pt1)

What better than the occasional curveball to the chops? Antlered Man are clearly not the kind of people you want to be trapped in a lift with, but should certainly get the steam rising in a smaller festival tent. There are hints of System Of A Down to their eastern melodies: check out lead track 'Outrages 1 ta 3' for a near six-minute primer of how the five piece go about their business.

'Better The Calamity You Know' has moments that have the faint whiff of Atari Teenage Riot while the whistling of 'Buddhist Soup' will either make you smile or want to cave in the nearest banker's head. With just two other tracks (the oddball marionette march of 'If You Can't Beat Them, Try Solve' and the heavy groove of 'Platoono of Uno'), this can only be considered a tentative dip into the fray, but it marks them out as ones to watch. Perhaps the #Occupy generation have found their band?



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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