Ann Deveria

Madrid’s Ann Deveria have been working on this self-titled debut for a few years now and the finished product is a serene and delicate journey that mixes the clean drones of Barn Owl with the panoramic electronic soundscapes of Fennesz. Sheets of flowing sound engulf subtle rings and delicate guitar picking to make something that’s akin to being lost deep underwater. ‘Embarcadero Parte 2’ is eleven minutes of dreamy ambience punctuated by drawn-out cello and echoing electronics, while the following part brings simple percussion and a slightly more conventional song structure to the washes of melody and even a bit of moody double bass. ‘Un Nombre’ recalls latter day Earth in parts, the slow reverb-laden guitar ringing in your ears. In a scene that’s pretty overpopulated now, Ann Deveria may not represent anything particularly original but their debut is a small slice of beauty.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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