Andrew Combs - Canyons Of My Mind

Being the saddest man in country music isn't maybe the label you'd expect many people to choose, but when you've written a song like 'Too Stoned To Cry' it's an inevitable label. And Andrew Combs embraces it as he should. 2015's All These Dreams cemented that position whilst showing that the Texan also writes some strikingly beautiful songs and music. Having spent most of the last two years touring the 30 year old had a clear vision of what his new music would sound like: somewhat of a harking back to classic singer-songwriters of the 70s.

Canyons Of My Mind follows some of the same footsteps as its predecessor but also chooses its own direction. 'Sleepwalker' is classic Combs, his smooth as silk voice pairing well with the ever present double bass and sparring with the steel guitar. The eleven tracks are full of vignettes like the haunting 'Hazel' and hard-ish rocking 'Blood Hunters', and landscape loving tunes like 'Rose Colored Blues'. If one track sells this album though it's 'Dirty Rain', ostensibly about a place with no soul, but sonically a song of immense beauty and scale; it's wonderful. And that really summarises Canyons of my Mind. Wonderful.


A beautiful collection of stories and musings.


out of 10

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