Anaal Nathrakh - Passion

They may be starting to mellow a wee bit in their middle age (by comparison), but Anaal Nathrakh are still one of the most sickeningly heavy bands around today. New record Passion continues their recent trend of moving towards an almost completely black metal sound whilst retaining the audio fidelity that makes what they produce feels as if it is flaying the skin from your face, and ensures at the same time you are most definitely enjoying it. From beginning to end, there is no respite in the malevolent, remorseless beating, a continuous stream of lightning speed guitars and howls of darkness riding upon a crest of inhuman pummelling; even the death knell of the final ‘Portrait Of The Artist’ is a sinister overload of Lovecraftian delusions that adds the final twist of the knife. Passion is appropriately titled, as even after six Anaal Nathrakh albums and countless side projects and collaborations, there is still an unwavering dedication, nay love, to the utter madness of this beast – and long may it continue.



out of 10
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