An Autumn For Crippled Children - Everything

Holland's latest black metal cohorts An Autumn For Crippled Children return with new offering Everything, a follow up to last year's excellent debut Lost.

Like many of their compatriots, the sycophantic plagiarism of the formative Norwegian scene is displaced by a genuine extremity and desire to explore the limits of convention and expectation. Not quite so explicitly dark as its predecessor, there is an air of triumph and hope sewn into the dense fabric of Everything; a silver thread running through the black tapestry. Whilst for many this may appear to be a step back from the edge, the addition of an emotion this alien to a genre so reliant on the complete absence of joy is a bold and satisfying move. Individual tracks rather lose their meaning taken in isolation; Everything is a record designed to be consumed as one, the atmosphere building over the course of its forty minutes with a subtlety and delicacy not oft associated with metal in any of its various guises.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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