Alvarez Kings - Patience is Strength

Enthroning indie-pop with a crown made out of severed guitar strings, Sheffield based quartet Alvarez Kings are vigorously rubbing rock salt into the indie wound with EP Patience is Strength. Finding its feet amongst the thorns of Simon Thompson's unripened vocals, the record reaches its epitome in 'Dark Eyed Children', a jagged guitar-led track that would no doubt give Alex Turner a fleeting flashback to his Myspace days. Recorded with collaborator Dave Sanderson, who's got the likes of Reverend & The Makers and 65 Days of Static on his musical roster, there's no missing the jolted disfigurement of the echoed yells and suspenseful bass line in 'You, Me, Them, Us', which also have once reverberated off the walls in a Reverend record. Alvarez Kings certainly have a rare knack of creating order through disjointed guitar strokes, formulating the type of energised indie that gets you popping all sorts of sockets along to the equally pop-y beats.



out of 10

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