Alice Rock - Kill Or Cure

Tackling the idea of whether technological progression is going to Kill or Cure the human race, Alice Rock is on a mission to bring back the punk rock sound of the early 80s. Their light hearted self-proclaimed ‘Qunk’ sound - a combination of quirky and punk - is a hybrid of memorable, sugar-sweet riffs and harsh punk rhythms. The nasal, raw vocals of Alice herself are not dissimilar to that of Siouxsie Sioux or Poly Styrene, and placed in front of a simplistic guitar/drum background you would be forgiven for thinking this duo were taken straight from 1982. Lyrically the album is very much a social commentary of life for women living in Britain today; ‘Cut Loose’ looks at abortion whilst ‘The Breeding Lady’ is focussed on the ticking biological clock at the back of the mind of every woman of child bearing age. However, poetic quips such as ‘She’s probably got head lice but she still looks hot’ in ‘Old Fashioned Girl’ provide comic relief for an album which would otherwise feel quite apocalyptic.

The high pace and energy shown throughout the 12 tracks would probably make for a raucous live set, however on disc it does get slightly repetitive. The brashness of their sound could also benefit from a sturdy bass line at times to give more weight to a guitar-heavy album. Alice Rock have an obvious ability to write a catchy pop hook, proving that simplicity is often most effective. Standout track ‘Chips ‘n’ Gravy’, whilst an utterly disgusting concept (ketchup, always), shows they can write the kind of melody that stays in your head for a long time. Kill or Cure isn’t necessarily anything new, but it definitely proves that despite the pessimists, the format isn’t dead yet.



out of 10
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