Alexander Rishaug - Shadow Of Events

Alexander Rishaug is a Norwegian sound artist and producer who crafts vast planes of shimmering ambience. Shadow of Events is his third album and follows in the same freeform minimal manner that his previous albums did. Making use of field recordings and various improvised instruments such as guitar and piano, he creates compositions similar to people like Oren Ambarchi and Machinefabriek. ‘Drawing A Day’ is bathed in sounds of trees blowing in the wind and warm ambience while subtle pops and clicks give it a nostalgic touch. What might seem the most simple of tracks in ‘Things That Disappear’ is also one of the most beautiful; the glistening sheet of hazy, distorted noise slowly growing in volume while your ears pick out the smallest twinkling nuances in the dense sound. This type of music is easy to get wrong, with a lot of acts releasing dull and uninspired pieces of electronic nonsense - Alexander Rishaug puts them to shame.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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