Alex Turner - Submarine EP

Action stations! With the ink on the news of the next Arctic Monkeys barely dry, here's Alex Turner with a solo EP of tracks from the soundtrack of the new British movie Submarine. The film may detail the awkward terrain of Welsh teenage angst, but Turner's contributions are more adult, with a simple palette of voice, guitar and some piano for the first few tracks. There is the sense by now that he can knock this stuff out in his sleep, and 'Hiding Tonight' and 'Glass In The Park' are pleasant without doing anything to convince doubters. 'It's Hard To Get Around The Wind' continues the format with some nice picked guitar, but all it does is prove Turner is perfectly adept when stepping away from his indie rock day job. It's not until the fairground piano of 'Stuck On The Puzzle' cuts in that the EP finally sparks into life and, not co-incidentally, some drums finally deliver a little momentum to an effective 70s foot tapper with just a hint of Neil Young to the arrangement. Final track 'Piledriver Waltz' is cocky enough to show Liam how to channel Lennon without descending into pastiche ("Your waitress was miserable / And so was the food"), and offers a glimpse of what a proper Turner solo album might sound like. A sideshow to the main event perhaps, but worth a nose.



out of 10
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