ahab - KMVT

Not to be confused with the German funeral doom band, ahab are four rustic heartthrobs from Hackney, London. The band’s exhausting tour schedule with folk label-mates Bellowhead and strong bluegrass groove has won them a burgeoning fan base. On their latest in a string of progressively accomplished EP’s, veteran producer John Leckie lends an ear in capturing five of the bands stronge songs for the 15 minute KMVT. ahab’s biggest selling point is their rich four-piece vocal harmonies, live; they fill the room and send the ladies into an unexplainable swooning trance. On record they are equally as commendable at bringing a vocal hook to life but have yet to find a distinct characteristic that could really set them apart from other Americana artists.

KMVT is lyrically and musically strong for a band finding their feet, especially a British act essentially emulating an indigenous American style not native to London. Highlight 'Lightning Bug'’s hook laden chorus ensures the disc won’t go without repeat listens and 'Call a Waiter'’s driving bass and soaring vocal performances scream for deserved mainstream attention. KMVT is an earnest effort, despite the occasional forced lyric; the clean overdub free recording offers a short display of the band’s appreciable talent. To quote 'Lightning Bug', it’s at least faster than cheap cocaine.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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