Agent Cooper - From The Ashes

It has been seven years since we last heard from Agent Cooper, but the Atlantan proggers have decided to leave their various other projects and reconvene to make a full go of being a proper band once again. Put together in short order, new EP From The Ashes is a rollicking twenty minute reintroduction to this highly proficient group of musicians. Never does it feel like they are needlessly showing off, instead delivering six well-crafted and succinct tunes of joyful American prog.

Of course it references the great bands of the genre, from the power of Rush to the vocal harmonies of Queen, but there is also a healthy dose of home too with the laid-back groove of the South, an ever-present spine to From The Ashes. Bassist Sean Delton has coined the phrase "old school modern" for the Agent Cooper sound, and it is a well-fitting tag as the elements of their heroes are melded with the clean, crisp production afforded by today's technologies. This bite size chunk may be too small to judge the success of their comeback, but it does bode well for any forthcoming long player.



out of 10

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